Making a difference

A young mother of 5 just got into her own apartment and was in need of a few housekeeping items. Your generous donations provided her with the means to keep her house clean and provided other private items as well. She says “Thank you” and she wants to help others one day herself.


Last night, Pastor Nick and Chrissy drove to Lake City Florida to be of assistance with the new Recovery Church location at The Worship Room at 162 NE Ridgewood Ave, Lake City , FL 32055. This location birthed from the Ormond Beach location and had a rather large last minute turn out. Here is theContinue reading “Celebrate!”

Ministering to Ministries

One of the things we do daily is minister to ministries. What’s that mean exactly? Ministries & churches are made up of people pouring themselves into a common vision. After all that pouring, there should be a refilling.

The Truth as You Know It

What is the truth? /tro͞oTH/nounthe quality or state of being true. (Thank you Oxford Dictionary) Okay, what is “True”? /tro͞o/ 1. in accordance with fact or reality. – “a true story” verifiable, literal, in accordance with reality, what actually/really happened 2. accurate or exact. – “it was a true depiction” The truth is what youContinue reading “The Truth as You Know It”

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