Making a difference

A young mother of 5 just got into her own apartment and was in need of a few housekeeping items. Your generous donations provided her with the means to keep her house clean and provided other private items as well. She says “Thank you” and she wants to help others one day herself.

Thank you new donor – Let’s Roam

Thank you so much to our new donor Let’s Roam. Be sure to visit them and say Thank you ❤ We have been gifted a Scavenger Hunts by Let’s Roam.

The Truth as You Know It

What is the truth? /tro͞oTH/nounthe quality or state of being true. (Thank you Oxford Dictionary) Okay, what is “True”? /tro͞o/ 1. in accordance with fact or reality. – “a true story” verifiable, literal, in accordance with reality, what actually/really happened 2. accurate or exact. – “it was a true depiction” The truth is what you… Continue reading The Truth as You Know It

What Matters Most

What Matters Most? Work, Family, God, Gossip, Church, Hobbies, Eating, Bible, habits, Prayer…

Sponsor a Child

The Storms of Life Fellowship has decided to sponsor 3 children/young adults. We have selected a young girl in Peru named Evelyn, a young man that just joined the Army, and a young lady local to Ormond Beach. If you’d like to make a difference in one of these young lives, please click here.

Community Food Drop

Thank you to all the ministries that came together for the Community Food Drop in Ormond Beach today! It was a privilege to be invited to volunteer with Emmanuel Church of the Living God & CWC Ministries!