How much do you depend on your phone?

He disappeared! No one had spoken to him or knew how he was. That’s when your donations were able to provide a hand up!

This gentleman, well known and much respected in the community, hadn’t let anyone know his business. No one knew he was out of work and that his phone had been shut off. Our hearts were breaking when we found out. He was trying to get another job but he had no phone for potential employers to call.

Your donations turned his phone back on.

Is this a trivial thing? an unnecessary part of life? No! In this age of technology, most of us rely on our phones for the calendars (so we don’t miss appointments), for communication (the ultimate reason we use it), and to have access to information (internet).

If you were challenged to go without your phone for 2 weeks, could you do it? Could you go without it for 2 days? It is easy to answer YES, but a lot harder to actually do it! We are a people of the digital age now and there are adults today who have never known life without a cell phone.

Digital World

Thank you tremendously for your help! Each member of the community that gets a little hand up is grateful too. From our hearts to your – here’s a big hug!

Thank you from Mountains to the Sea!

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