Storms of Life Fellowship Meetings

Storms of Life Fellowship meets on Sunday and Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in the fellowship hall of Emmanuel Church of the Living God located at 54 South Ridgewood Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32174. The Entrance to the parking lot for the fellowship hall is off Tomoka. (You’ll see our sign.) The Church is located across from the Ormond Beach Elementary School.

The meetings have been a huge blessing to many. It’s a fellowship (community) where all people can come together to support each other no matter what Storm they are going through in life. We always have hot coffee, cold tea, and snacks!

But what is a Storm?

A Storm is anything that disrupts life as usual: Anxiety, Grief, Depression, PTSD, Loneliness, Addiction, etc.

Some come because they made it through a Storm and want to help others. Others come because they are going through a Storm now. Still others come because they just came out of a Storm and are grateful for the support.

No matter your Storm status, you are welcome and encouraged to come meet with us at Storms of Life Fellowship meetings on Sunday and Tuesday nights at 6:30pm!

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