From Sea to Sea

They found themselves in Ormond Beach, tired and in need of a shower. They thought about sleeping in their car again since they were only here for a couple nights. They were hungry for the God and the Word. Everything they owned was loaded in that car.

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They called the ministry for spiritual guidance and the pastors spoke with them an extended amount of time. They were joyful after the long conversation and grateful for the fellowship most of all. Pastor Nick prayed over a valuable life and lodging was secured. They were invited to church, fed, and gas tank filled up. Finally, they were on their way again to their destination.

This family asked us to thank the donors that helped them in such a huge way. The donor was you!

Just passing through

We are all just passing through this life one day at a time. But do we stop to smell the roses, see the sunrise or sunset and appreciate the beauty we are surrounded by?

Good Morning Lord! Thank you for waking me up!

The Lord peppers visual treats throughout our day, but do we notice them?

Embrace the day. Mountains to the Sea Ministries

Homeless Addicted Veteran to Recovered Disciple of Jesus

We love to share success stories with you and this one is beautiful indeed.

He was a veteran suffering from PTSD and coping with life the only way he knew how: Self Medicating. He would self medicate with alcohol, drugs, or anything else that would temporarily ease or numb the thoughts that plagued his mind after the service. He self medicated his way out of his home, his job, and his life as usual.

I Need Help!

He found himself on the streets in Daytona Beach, homeless, alone and unsure of life. He knew there had to be better; there had to be more. He had tried the “recovery thing” before and it would last for a little while, but somehow he always made his way back to the bottle. This time would be different though. This time, he sought the only true higher power – Jesus Christ.

First, he got off the street and into a sober house. Then he entered into discipleship (sponsorship) with one of the pastors at Mountains to the Sea Ministries. He set up several mentoring sessions and began a new walk. Mountains to the Sea Ministries provided him with food, assistance with shelter, and helped get his phone turned back on. His M2Sea mentor provides transportation for him to meetings and church services regularly. They talk everyday and read the bible together.

As his relationship with Christ is growing, his circumstances are improving. He is beginning to share the love of Jesus with others. He needed transportation to apply for work, so the Pastor provided him with a monthly bus pass. Within days, he was hired at a local eatery and is contributing to the community and economy.

Being able to contribute, give back or serve others seems like such a tiny thing to some people, but it’s huge in recovery. You see, the labels he wore have been erased by Grace.

His PTSD has not completely disappeared, but he is learning how to take it to the foot of the cross and leave it there. He is healthier, happier, and best of all sober and saved! He is grateful to everyone who has helped him along his journey. Although he has come a long way, he still has a long way to go.

When you donate to Mountains to the Sea Ministries, you become part of someone’s story. You provide assistance through a vetted process to help deliver Veterans, Widows, widowers and many others an opportunity to get back on their feet.

From Addicted to Recovered

He had fallen off the wagon a few times and had decided this time was the last. He picked a strong sponsor willing to grow with him and he moved into a sober house.

It’s been a couple months sober now and its been hard to find a job when you don’t have a car. Your donations bought him a monthly bus pass to help him get back and forth to job interviews.

Now, he has been graduated up to the next step in the sober house and he has a job! That’s right, he was hired. All he needed was a hand up so he could benefit others also. He sends his many thanks because he couldn’t do it without God and your generous help. Thank you!

Storms of Life Fellowship Meetings

Storms of Life Fellowship meets on Sunday and Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in the fellowship hall of Emmanuel Church of the Living God located at 54 South Ridgewood Ave, Ormond Beach, FL 32174. The Entrance to the parking lot for the fellowship hall is off Tomoka. (You’ll see our sign.) The Church is located across from the Ormond Beach Elementary School.

The meetings have been a huge blessing to many. It’s a fellowship (community) where all people can come together to support each other no matter what Storm they are going through in life. We always have hot coffee, cold tea, and snacks!

But what is a Storm?

A Storm is anything that disrupts life as usual: Anxiety, Grief, Depression, PTSD, Loneliness, Addiction, etc.

Some come because they made it through a Storm and want to help others. Others come because they are going through a Storm now. Still others come because they just came out of a Storm and are grateful for the support.

No matter your Storm status, you are welcome and encouraged to come meet with us at Storms of Life Fellowship meetings on Sunday and Tuesday nights at 6:30pm!

How much do you depend on your phone?

He disappeared! No one had spoken to him or knew how he was. That’s when your donations were able to provide a hand up!

This gentleman, well known and much respected in the community, hadn’t let anyone know his business. No one knew he was out of work and that his phone had been shut off. Our hearts were breaking when we found out. He was trying to get another job but he had no phone for potential employers to call.

Your donations turned his phone back on.

Is this a trivial thing? an unnecessary part of life? No! In this age of technology, most of us rely on our phones for the calendars (so we don’t miss appointments), for communication (the ultimate reason we use it), and to have access to information (internet).

If you were challenged to go without your phone for 2 weeks, could you do it? Could you go without it for 2 days? It is easy to answer YES, but a lot harder to actually do it! We are a people of the digital age now and there are adults today who have never known life without a cell phone.

Digital World

Thank you tremendously for your help! Each member of the community that gets a little hand up is grateful too. From our hearts to your – here’s a big hug!

Thank you from Mountains to the Sea!

A Wanderer

Praise God Recovery is Possible!

We had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman that wandered into one of our Storms of Life Fellowship Meetings. He was determined for his recovery. He said the Lord had touched his heart and he was ready to enter a recovery program. We prayed with and for him. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, your donations assisted in his path to recovery.

He needed a state ID so he could enter the recovery program and so he could ride the bus to get there. (He went from Daytona Beach to Tallahassee.) Pastor Nick took him to the DMV. Next he received his bus ticket. Lastly, he was granted an opportunity at a new life.

Thank you so much for your help and donations! We can’t do this without you. You are making a difference in real people’s lives.

For more information about how you can make an impact, click here.

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